Hang Tags

Hang Tags

Longcombe Labels manufacture and supply hang tags and labels that are suitable for most harsh environments, adverse weather conditions and extremes of temperature. Our range of industrial hang tags are made from polyethlene material to ensure they last the length of the job, stay attached, are readable and won't let you or your customer down. 

Hang Tags are available in many standard colours and sizes or we can custom make them to fit your specific requirements. They are suitable for applications such as rebar identification, metal processing, plant labels, luggage tags, camp site booking in tags, pharmaceutical and food preparation labelling. Talk to a specialist today at Longcombe to find the right Hang Tag for your requirement.  

Key features:- 

  •  Tough, non-tear, polyethlene material
  •  Durable in harsh outdoor environments
  •  Chemical, acid and solvent resistant tags
  •  Easy to print on using Inkjet Jet or Laser printers 
  •  Metal Eyelets available to help ensure tags stay in place
  •  Waterproof printing options as standard
  •  Custom design service available to add your own text and logos
  •  Printer systems available supplied with consumables.


Hang Tags for Metals
Metal Hang Tags

Hang Tags

  •  Secure and Reliable identification solutions   
  •  High Strength, non-tear material options available
  •  Tags available with optional stub perforations
  •  Waterproof to withstand harsh weather conditions
  •  Variety of finishes from matt to gloss 
  •  Easy to write on by hand or print
  •  Withstand extremes of temperatures
  •  Rain and Sun resistant - Label material and printing ink selections can ensure the label details remain readable and the labels don't degrade due to exposure to UV light and extreme weather conditions.
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Weatherproof Heavy Duty Rebar Tags

Industrial Tags

  •  Cost effective, high strength, non-tear tag material
  •  Rest assured that your label won't deteriorate or become brittle
  •  Water and heat resistant printing - ensures the label details are still readable at the end of the product lifespan
  •  Chemical, acid and solvent resistant tag material
  •  Laser or Ink Jet printing suitable 
  •  Thermal transfer barcode printing suitable 
  •  Colour coding for ease of identification
  •  Up to 11 different colours available for printing metal tags
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Custom Heavy Duty Tags

Custom Tags

  •  Our custom design service is available to add your own text and logos to your tags
  •  Compatible with most modern printing systems
  •  Thermal transfer, laser or dot matrix printer tags available 
  •   DUO-TAG combination labels available: tag or self-adhesive label
  •   Numbering, Barcoding and colour coding options available
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Tag Fixings

Tags can be attached in a variety of ways and can be supplied specific to your fastening requirements, for example...
  •   Tags can be supplied with banding slots for affixing through strapping
  •  Tag holes can be sized to be suitable for small & large pear-shaped clips, special R and diamond-shaped clips
  •  Non-tear Tags can be attached using string or tying wires, heavy duty annealed or galvanised 
  •  Our metal tags are suitable for stud welding

Tag fastenings

Print Systems & Consumables

We supply everything you need for your hang tag printing requirements including:-

  • Complete printer systems  
  • Printer consumables  
  • Labels and Tags - variety of colours, sizes and materials.
  • Thermal transfer, laser and inkjet printers
  • Ribbons. 

With 30+ years' experience we can offer a solution to your Identification requirements and can recommend and supply label-ribbon combinations for your printer and specific application.

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Need more information?

If you would like more information about our Hang Tag labels or have any further requirements than those listed, please do get in touch for a quote or for more information. We can also arrange to send you some samples.

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