Labels And Tags For Industrial Applications

Need a label for tough demanding requirements? Longcombe provide industrial labelling solutions that are ideal for industries such as Metal, Construction, Timber or General Manufacturing.  

Industrial labels are essential for demanding applications where high volume, robust performance and high print speeds are required. If you need a label that will withstand extreme conditions and not let you down then Longcombe's range of Industrial Labels will provide you with the solution.  

Key features of our Industrial Label range:-
  •  High Strength Tags
  •  Heat Resistant Tags
  •  Premium, robust tear resistant material
  •  Suitable for computer printing 
  •  Hi-Tack Adhesive Labels
  •  High Temperature Labels
  •  Custom design service available to add your own text and logos
  •  Printer systems supplied with consumables.


Labeling Solutions for The Metal Industry
High Strength Labeling Solutions

High Strength

  •   Strong, rip resistant hang-tags for thermal transfer barcode printing
  •  Inkjet printable tags in sheets or rolls
  •  Sprocket-fed dot-matrix printable tags
  •   Laser printable non-tear tags
    available in a wide range of sheet sizes / configurations.
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Labels for Chemical Industry

Heat Resistant Tags and High Temperature Labels

  •  Thermal transfer labels and tags heat resistant to 250°C / 480°F 
  •  Laser printable tags and self-adhesive labels
    resistant up to 250°C / 480°F
  •  Cost-effective thermal transfer tags and self-adhesive labels
    resistant up to 300°C / 570°F for identification of processed metals through high temperatures
  •  Thermal transfer barcode tags resistant up to 600°C / 1110°F for identification of hot rolled steel
  •   Extreme temperature resistant materials for 1000+°C applications
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High Tack Labels

High Tack

  •  BS5609 Marine approved specialist hi-tack adhesives
  •  Laser printable weatherproof labels
  •  Thermal transfer printable chemical resistant labels
  •   DUO-TAG combination label: tag or self-adhesive label
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Having created your industrial labels, you will need a method of attaching the labels that is robust and secure ensuring that your labels stay in place for the product lifespan. Longcombe industrial labels can be attached in a variety of ways such as 

  •   Tags with banding slots for affixing through strapping
  •   Small & large pear-shaped clips, special R and diamond-shaped clips
  •   Tying wires: heavy duty annealed or galvanised
  •   Stud welding

Industrial Print Systems & Consumables

We supply complete printer systems, printer consumables and labels for industrial applications. Thermal transfer, laser and inket printers are available and widely used for Industrial Label printing with barcode printing capabilities another key benefit for Industrial applications.  Barcoding offers accurate tracking and identification solutions for industries where high tracking and safety standards are essential.

Thermal Transfer Printers  
We have a range of industrial printers that vary in price, performance and features ensuring that we have a printer for any type of industrial application. Industrial printers are built for high volume, demanding applications where high print speeds and robust performance is required. 

Coupled with our bespoke label design service, your industrial labels can be printed quickly, economically and when and where you need them. Label Printing software is also available to enable automatic printing, print status reporting and the streamlining of production while providing secure control of the printing process.

With over 30 years' experience, we can recommend and supply Industrial printers, labels, label software and label-ribbon combinations for your specific industrial application. 


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If you have any further requirements than those listed, or are interested in any of the above products, please do get in touch for a quote or for more information.

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