Waterproof and Weather Resistant Labels

Longcombe Labels manufacture and supply waterproof and weather resistant labels that are ideal for industrial applications where labels need to withstand all weather conditions and extreme handling and processing regimes.  Applications include horticulture, aquaculture, manufacturing and shipping.

Label printers, including thermal transfer, laser, dot-matrix and Colorworks inkjet printers, together with ribbon, toner and ink supplies are also available from Longcombe - we can advise you on the most suitable printer, best label material and toner or ribbon combinations based on your particular needs.  Get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Key features:- 

  •  Waterproof labels available on variety of printing materials
  •  Can withstand harsh outdoor environments
  •  Chemical, acid and solvent resistant tags available
  •  Quick print speeds
  •  Full Colour or Black and White Printing available
  •  Ideal for barcode label printing
  •  Custom design service available to add your own text and logos
  •  Complete Printer systems available supplied with consumables.


Waterproof and Weather Resistant Rebar Tags
Waterproof Horticulture Labels

Waterproof Labels

Waterproof  labels are available in various forms such as self adhesive, hang tags and stick in labels. Laser printers or thermal transfer printers are ideal for printing weather resistant labels and tags as these printers guarantee waterproof results as standard.  Other printers can be used but often the labels will need to be coated to ensure durability.

  •  High Strength, non-tear material options available
  •  Ideal for Barcode printing 
  •  Suitable for a variety of label material finishes from matt to gloss 
  •  BS5609 marine approved labels available
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Self Adhesive Laser Printable Labels

Self-Adhesive Waterproof  Labels

Self adhesive waterproof labels are ideal for many applications where products have to endure harsh weather conditions or where labels are used underwater or in sterilisation processes. Waterproof stickers need to be durable, remain in place and be as readable at the end of the product lifespan as when they were first applied and Longcombe rigorously test their labels to ensure they meet your requirements. 

  •  High tack and Marine Grade adhesive labels to BS5609 standard available
  •  Quick, reliable industrial strength printers available for a variety of media applications and work evironments 
  •  Chemical, acid and solvent resistant tag material options available
  •  High Quality printing achievable 
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Custom Waterproof labels for aquacluture

Custom Waterproof Labels

  •  Our custom design service is available to add your own text and logos to your tags and labels
  •  Colour label printing, back numbering and part-personalisation
  •  Standard and custom label sizes are available
  •  Barcoding and colour coding options available
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Waterproof Label Printers

Waterproof Label Printers

Longcombe can recommend and offer a range of printers that have all been carefully chosen to meet different budget and application requirements. Whatever your requirements are, we will be able to recommend a suitable Label printer for you.

  •  Industrial Label printers - ideal for applications where you need a printer that is robust, speedy and able to cope with high print volumes.
  •  Compatible with label software.
  •  Flexible media handling - print your labels on material that suits your requirements
  •  Black and white and Colour Label Printers available
  •  Full installation, training and service options available
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Need more information?

If you would like more information about our Waterproof  labels and tags or have any further requirements than those listed, please do get in touch for a quote or for more information. We can also arrange to send you some samples.

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